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Sunday, February 28, 2016


wild London Fashion Week awaited me at the HARPER & BLAKE launch of their gorgeous AW16 scarves. Suitably entitled "PREDATORS", the eight piece collection is loaded with natural motifs and fierce animal prints, celebrating the inner strength of the modern woman through metaphoric visuals comprising of birds of prey, snakes, leopards, octopuses and lizards. 

HARPER & BLAKE were originally made famous for their striking smart phone cases, but their debut into fashion is not to be overlooked. The duo, Harper and Blake, have differing styles, but have blended their visions for their brand to provide something for any wardrobe. Strong personalities, Harper exudes a "refined and classic" aesthetic, whereas Blake sources inspiration from the unusual and unique. Together, they have developed an eye-catching collection that appeals to the wild side of anyone's personal style. 

The fashion presentation itself was impressive, the team pulled in JOSEPH STEPHEN as art director and producer, who had been working on it for about three months from the proposal to showcase stages. Known for his work with OMAR MANSOOR, TATLER, and other high end clients, JOSEPH STEPHEN had to organise the talent, book the location, promotion, and design the space. It was interesting to catch up with JOSEPH STEPHEN to get a glimpse into the delivery of the debut itself, for example, he liaised with the stylist to choose accompanying garments, makeup and hair styles, as well as designing and creating the set itself. Sometimes it's hard to imagine all the work that goes into the final product, especially when it runs so smoothly. 

The scarves were designed by ALINA ZAMANOVA, already a tour de force in the fashion industry (having worked for Alexander McQueen among many other famous names). ZAMANOVA's stunning eye for detail, placement and colour work is clear; printed on high quality silk, the designs are presented on a bold and bright canvas measuring a generous 136cm x 136cm. The models at the presentations moved very beautifully in them; I particularly loved the sizes of these, as they are perfect for layering and manipulating to suit a variety of outfits. 

Pre-order now (before end of March 2016) and receive 65% off the original retailing price!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016


FOREVER XXI always provides me with easy to style pieces (at great prices); love this hat! I find getting the right length brim is quite important as my face is quite round - it's a good fit and doesn't flatten my hair too much.

I've always loved form fitting velvet pieces; they exude an age-old elegance that I can't get enough of! Here, I'm wearing a daring crop top with leggings ensemble - these ARITZIA leggings are some of my favourite pieces, this pair is extremely high quality and multi-purpose! Basically, I can do a session at the gym in them or utilise them as a standalone pair to go with almost any casual outfit. What's your must-have basic in your wardrobe?

hat and top FOREVER XXI
leggings ARITZIA


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Saturday, February 13, 2016


I've been with my man for some time now, and when it's Valentine's round the corner, we're actually quite chilled out about it. Sometimes the best ways to celebrate is to take it easy and just appreciate being together with a little peace and quiet! After a very busy spell in my professional life, it's exactly  what the doctor ordered...

That doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with my outfit! This light maroon red skirt, black turtle neck and textured grey cardigan bring out a nice soft and understated feel - but I still feel quite romantic! Match with leopard print heels and red lip, and I feel very much in the mood!

knitwear cardigan HOLLISTER
turtle neck FCUK


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Friday, February 12, 2016


TORN + POLISHED thought to share THIRDLOVE's initiative for Valentine's Day to help you find your perfect bra personality! To celebrate, they are giving you 15% off! Just enter the code VALENTINE15 on checking out to redeem the discount.

Needing some inspiration? Check out the quiz above to find out your "Valentine's bra personality", whether you're into the delicate (24/7 Isn't She Lovely Lace); comfortable and classic (24/7 Classic T-shirt) or edgy (24/7 Strap Happy) styles. 

Having done the quiz, my favourite was spot on - check out the 24/7 Isn't She Lovely Lace bra, with its flattering shape and delightful lace details. You can't go wrong with black either, and what's great is that it comes complete with memory foam. This helps with fit and comfort.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you're being pampered or taking some time to pamper yourself! 

Offer running for a limited time only.

Monday, February 8, 2016


And here's my real New Year's Resolution - to actually post! Sorry for the long hiatus, it's been absolutely manic recently with a real transition into the next stages of my professional career. It's been a whirlwind ride and I can't wait for my next steps. Nonetheless and separately, I'm super excited to share with you my favourite new piece, this ZARA red coat. It fares well in brightening any outfit - here I've paired it with this grey knitwear duo.

Being Chinese, I get really excited when the Lunar New Year comes round this time of year. After the exciting highs of Christmas and the New Year, winter gets a bit dreary. However, come late January / early-to-mid February, the festivities begin again, and it's a great excuse to bring out a bold red number! In addition to its vivid colour, I love the coat's silhouette. As a petite girl, I find it's hard to rock longer jackets, but this one, with its above-the-knee cut, is the perfect length!

knitwear top M&S
knitwear skirt TOPSHOP
jacket ZARA


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