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Saturday, March 19, 2016


The trench. The staple classic for every lady's wardrobe. However, a good quality, sleek trench doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg - this one from ZARA, for example, still gives that subtle look of luxury. In particular, I am a sucker for the faux leather sleeves. I've paired this number with LK BENNETT heels, with the statement strap (highlighted beautifully in white!). Add in a plain black dress, and voila! Winning formula? 

I think I've said this millions of times, but you can't get more comfortable than LK BENNETT. Although I love ridiculous shoes from time to time, comfort is essential. This pair fits wonderfully, and they're unique! What's more, can be worn for work or leisure. 

trench ZARA

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


London is one of those places where, even if you've seemingly explored every nook and cranny, there's always something new around the corner. As the seasons change, it's hard to get totally accustomed to leaving the safety of a warm piece of outerwear behind. I love this ASOS faux fur coat, which pairs really well with any outfit. I've matched it with this maroon dress from FRENCH CONNECTION, which fits really well and gives some form to the overall outfit. 

To make it a little more casual and better for on-the-go, I've also added my favourite VAGABOND booties, giving that perfect Londoner style edge! 

faux coat ASOS


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Sunday, March 13, 2016


This London Fashion Week season, I had the pleasure of attending the Designer Show Rooms event, stumbling upon the gem that is the designer JAMIE WEI HUANG. Unfortunately the image (due to the poor lighting conditions!) above isn't sufficient to capture the full theatricality and vividness of her work, one thing's for sure, this designer has a novel angle and has shown her versatility throughout her budding career so far. 

I've been a fan for some time, having been in love with her philosophical, light and delicate METAPHYSICS SS15 collection, and also impressed with the dark and intrigue of the NYMPHOMANIAC AW15 collection. The designer has been featured and recognised by various platforms, including VOGUE, for her distinct and edgy style. Her newest AW16 collection, LILY, is a satirical take on the post-war depressive economy. It deals with the interlocking and opposed interests of the different classes, as well as reevaluates the traditional ideals of femininity and elegance.  

You can see some influences from the period, including colour block and stripes, feminine touches such as bows; as well as the emphasis on androgynous forms, with wide fit items and more linear tailoring. The variety of textures in particular struck me; the knits, leather and denim, for example, work in unison but also could be said to clash, but there is a cohesive narrative overall. In particular, I love her bags, which combine knit and leather. They are beautiful, attention grabbing pieces which behold significant meaning, but can go well with any understated outfit. 

Many thanks to Selina Lau for the first two images from the showrooms! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I've been seriously waiting to see the back end of winter for the longest time. On the bright side, I get to wear this timeless BURBERRY scarf a few more times before retiring it for spring! 

I've always loved pieces with a lot of texture, and that's why this black and white number from ZARA is a clear favourite. It's really warm and cosy, goes with almost anything, and can be transitioned from a winter to a spring wardrobe easily. 

cardigan ZARA


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Pakistani designer Omar Mansoor presented his 11th collection at London Fashion Week, showcasing his glamorous, form-fitting gowns. These were inspired by Marchesa Casati, who was an Italian heiress, muse, and patroness of the arts during early 20th-century Europe. Marchesa was known for her eccentricities, which were a point of interest in European society for nearly three decades - she was famously quoted for saying this: 'I want to be a living work of art'. Hence, the name of the collection is: "L'art Vivante". 

Known for her soirees, Marchesa's spirit is exemplified in Omar Mansoor's pieces; captured are the vibrancy of her personality and her reputation as an influence on European trends. The collection therefore features full ball gowns, knee length dresses using Koya silks, crepe silks and velvet. Pewter and gold form an essential part of the colour palette. 

Omar Mansoor's designs are complemented by eye masks, symbolising the Venetian Carnival. Marchesa resided beside the grand canal in Venice in 1910.

Also, what is exciting about the collection is that the koya silk that is used is handwoven. The use of this silk is actually part of an initiative to revive the dying craft of this handwoven fabric; the movement is headed by Pakistani designer Maheen Khan. Particularly impressive is how the movement aims to provide sustainable revenues to the artisans that manufacture these, and includes creative consultation and innovative ways to reinvent the craft. Most of these artisans are based in Karachi’s Banaras Colony.

Footwear: Lucy Choi London
Concept and Styling: Edita Lozovoska 
First image: Selina Lau
Photography: Shahid Malik
PR: Enigme Internationale  

Instagram:omar.mansoor    Twitter: @omarmansoor    Email:

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