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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


As featured in LOOKASTIC. Growing up as a tomboy, I remember my stereotypically tomboyish love of gameboys, dinosaurs and the love of the camouflage print. Destiny's Child's video for Survivor also expanded and lengthened the affair. Camouflage, for me, tends to add a little bit of attitude without any effort at all. This jacket from PRIMARK was a steal at under £20. There's so much utility from this piece, I'll hike, travel around London, and meet friends in it. If it needs a wash, because it's not really a pricey buy, you can just chuck it in the washing machine and voila! To be honest, when it comes to fashion, easy is best for me. I just want to grab and go, and not faff about - this jacket does exactly that.

What I love about camouflage is that you can accent it easily with primary colours, which is what I've tried to do with this look. LONGCHAMP is timeless in its ability to design bags that maintain their fashionable purpose but nonetheless can be used beyond that. I feel like I'm carrying around a cooler version of Mary Poppins' bottomless bag when I've got this baby flung over my shoulders. This red is one of my favourite colours - it just pops out at you!

jacket PRIMARK
backpack LONGCHAMP
leggings ARITZIA



Monday, September 21, 2015


Dover, a town with important historical significance and incredible natural sights (in particular, the subject of the famous song, White Cliffs of Dover). It's a destination that works as a great day trip escape when one is tired of the hustle and bustle of London.

The hike to the cliffs is quite intense, it took us a good couple of hours to get back and down the cliffs. My friend scouted an amazing teahouse right at the cliffs by this charming lighthouse, MRS KNOTT'S TEA ROOM, featuring delightful baked goods and tea served in a traditional English fashion. The decor is adorably old-fashioned and there are so many little details that delight you in every hidden corner.

We finished the day with a further hike up to DOVER CASTLE, a beloved ENGLISH HERITAGE site, where you can experience the WWII rooms used during the Dunkirk evacuation (or Operation Dynamo) through an immersive 50 minute show. Spread out across the castle, there are also various re-enactors that showcase the medieval way of life, featuring little presentations and shows. The day we went, we also managed to witness an epic battle of four teams, dressed in medieval garb, as they warred against each other to King Richard of Lionheart's delight.

Monday, September 14, 2015


I had such a fun time shooting with this dream team! Featuring unique, one of a kind pieces from ROUGE PONY, gorgeous gowns from LISA WAGNER, stunning tiaras from SAMANTHA WALDEN, and jewellery from VELVET ECCENTRIC, we composed this shoot entitled "SWAN" at the spectacular STEPHEN HOUSE & GARDEN. See the shoot in HUF MAGAZINE.

Lisa Wagner creates these gowns on a bespoke basis; and these delicate tiaras are even more enchanting when seen in the flesh. It was such an honour to model these gorgeous rings from Velvet Eccentric, known for their fantastical and dreamlike quality pieces. Rouge Pony's feather shoulder pieces are so magical, with the pastel purple colours (see below, really adding a statement to Lisa Wagner's dress!).


Friday, September 11, 2015


The BRITISH MUSEUM is one of my favourite sites in London. From the Rosetta Stone to the Elgin Marbles, it houses some of the most beautiful and culturally important relics in the world. I'm there so often I invested in a membership, and so I'm able to access quite a lot of the exhibitions without paying extra. It's one of those places that I feel very much at ease and where I can get lost amongst the gorgeous treasures on show. 

I paired this black and white outfit with my favourite red lipstick from MAC to give it that extra "pop" of colour. The thing I absolutely love, love, love about shoes from LK BENNETT is how immaculately well made they are. They tend to be really comfortable, stylish and work appropriate.

skirt ZARA


Thursday, September 10, 2015


So, my friend Sarah of MAYBE BY CATALFO is like somewhat of a super entrepreneurial whiz kid with an eye for beautiful design. Her work isn't just well made, she always seems to inject the pieces with a pinch of fun. When I got the chance to collaborate with her again, I knew it was going to be a blast! The dream team comprised of SOUNDSLIKEYELLOW PHOTOGRAPHY, KEISHA CHAN (makeup) and TEENY DOES HAIR (hair), with fellow MAYBE girl TRINH from TRINHOLOGY, and our "assistants" David Kim and Nancy Quan (thanks guys, you're the best!).

I've known Sarah for sometime now and she continues to amaze me with her enthusiasm and bubbly approach to life. It was a sincere honour to interview her for JUTE MAGAZINE where she spills the beans in terms of her aspirations, brand philosophy and the inspiration behind her Be a Unicorn collection. Go have a read! For now, enjoy some pictures of Trinh and I pretending we're sad because we got ditched at a party - but then obviously, the TABLES turned, and we make our own fun taking selfies with a super cute pastel-green camera, haha! The Maybe by Catalfo girl is the type of girl who makes the most of life, won't dwell on things she can't change, and has a laugh in the face of adversity or when things don't go her way. An extension of the designer, Maybe is a brand that I'm so proud to represent as a bona fide "Maybe" girl! 

Monday, September 7, 2015


No summer is complete without a trip to the MAYFIELD LAVENDER FARM. Immediately when you walk through, you get a whiff of the beautiful scents; the sight of rows and rows of purple is overwhelming! As I went a bit nearer to the end of peak blooming season, sadly the flowers weren't as vibrant as they were earlier in the year. 

shoes OFFICE


Friday, September 4, 2015


I'm lamenting the end of summer. Honestly, proper lamenting. The only perk? Swapping sandals for these platform booties. I'm obsessed with VAGABOND platforms. They're so comfortable and fit like a dream. Aside from the limited lifespan of their plasticky heels, they're my favourite type of shoe. When you're 5'3, you're delighted to get any uplift your footwear can provide. Must have for elongated legs and adding a little edge to one's outfit. 

As for ARTIZIA leggings, I always stock up my inventory when I head back to Toronto to visit friends and family. I am yet to find a brand that I like more - these are so comfortable, come in an assortment of every shade of neutral colour you'd ever want under the sun and won't (in comparison to UK prices) cost you an arm and a leg! Though your legs will look very nice, and also won't feel constricted as they're stretchy enough to wear a smaller size. 

leggings ARITZIA
jacket HOTWIND


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