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Saturday, December 12, 2015


TORN + POLISHED has teamed up with LUXEMME to spread the word about their free £15 Christmas vouchers giveaway. Visit their site to get some of these goodies in the post! Great as stocking fillers, or something to brighten up your Christmas if you feel like treating yourself to an early present!

Check out LUXEMME's collections including their women's trench coats range. The pieces are ideally placed for winter wardrobes that are looking for a chic but edgy addition. I like how these are loose and comfy, yet still have flattering structures. The colours are also quite neutral, making them easy to pair with a wide range of items.

LUXEMME's website also features a women's knitwear range, with some nice cosy jumpers to keep you warm over the winter months. Wear with some casual jeans and Chelsea boots, and you're good to go!
Saturday, November 21, 2015


See here for a shoot inspired by Little Red Riding Hood - featuring knitwear from independent designer LISHA GILL. Love working with this dream team! We always have a blast shooting, and it's the second time we've been published. See the full editorial in VELVET MAGAZINE. Enjoy a few behind the scene shots below!

knitwear LISHA GILL


Monday, November 16, 2015


Still pinching myself out of sheer disbelief that I was selected to participate in the YOINS blogger network! Had so much shooting this lace black dress for YOINS [ BUY IT HERE ], pairing it up with these sleek D&G heels. As I'm of petite stature, I am sometimes scared of taking on dresses with long lengths - but I find that if it's sufficiently form-fitting, then you've got no troubles there. I quite like the elongating way it hugs my figure.

I'm a bit fan of open backs, and this dress has a beautiful "V" shape that draws one's attention to the natural curvature of the waist. A very nice evening dress for a night at the theatre or fine dining - and extremely affordable too!

Had a blast with photographers FYI PHOTOGRAPHYANPARASAN and JASON ARBER who were on the scene shooting for their portfolios. 

dress YOINS [ BUY IT NOW ]
shoes D&G

first three images FYI PHOTOGRAPHY
last image ANPARASAN

Sunday, November 15, 2015


So honoured to have joined the YOINS blogger network! First up, I'm totally in love with this red, billowy dress from YOINS [ BUY IT HERE ]. It romantically catches the wind and keeps you on your feet for that magical Monroe moment! In particular, the slit at the side provides that little hint of glamour that sets it apart from your typical red maxi. I always find that black and red go so well together, and so I paired this billowy showstopper dress with these heels from D&G

For the location, we decided to shoot in the industrial, angular architectural landscape of the BARBICAN. It contrasted well with the strong red colour of the dress. I can imagine the dress fitting perfectly in a scene at a gorgeous holiday location - where the heat is high and where the surroundings are picturesque with water and cliffs. If you've got any holiday plans coming up, think about investing in this little number - which is also extremely light and affordable. 

It was so fun working with FYI PHOTOGRAPHY and ANPARASAN as photographers for this blog post set of shots, but I must say it was a bit intimidating having two camera shutters going off spontaneously at the same time! Both are wonderful photographers, and I've worked with FYI PHOTOGRAPHY multiple times; each time, she never fails in bringing her signature positivity and unfailing professionalism across. This was the first time I worked with the talented ANPARASAN, who is a young prodigy of sorts! I also had the opportunity to pump up my generic portfolio with JASON ARBER, whose work is always interesting and of an edgy quality. Check them out!

dress YOINS [ BUY IT NOW ]
shoes D&G

close ups ANPARASAN
Saturday, November 7, 2015


I've recently become obsessed with the concept of ripped jeans. They feel quite carefree, which is quite reflective of my personality. A good pair tends to complement my everyday style, as I'm all about messy hair, simple makeup (oftentimes sporting a red lip when I'm feeling a little more daring) and crop tops.

I never seem to find jeans that fit as well as those from HOLLISTER. As I'm a petite girl, I need something leg-elongating, hence my favourite type of cut is when the waist goes up quite high and the rips are right at the knee. Pair it with some platforms? Sorted. I like my platforms comfortable, explains why I'm a loyal frequenter of VAGABOND, which never fails to channel chic with attitude! Can wear them for a number of hours without the usual complaints of pressed toes and aching soles! 


art direction NISA YANG


Thursday, November 5, 2015


Every time I get the opportunity to attend LFW, I feel like constantly pinching myself as if it's some sort of bizarre dream. I feel so blessed to be invited for the opportunity to awe my eyes with the bold, the new and the groundbreaking. It was a wonderful opportunity to see what is coming up in the fashion stakes in terms of new designers, ideas and trends. In particular, I loved the SS16 BELGRADE FASHION WEEK SHOWCASE - I was blown away by the vividness of GEORGE STYLER's pieces which evoked Frida Kahlo meets Marie Antoinette-esque aesthetics and a bounty of colours to dazzle the eyes (such as above and below). I loved the creative use of glittery makeup - when the models walked down the catwalk, it was mesmerising! 

ANA LJUBINKOVI also stood out for me (see below) - her use of rural motifs and strong, striking metallic pieces mixed in a harmonious, yet coordinated clash once all the components came together. ANA LJUBINKOVI's work never fails to inspire me, especially as although the details are so fine, she still manages to bring out her best silhouettes game. 

On the more minimal side, I quite like BUDISLAVA's work - relatively sharp shapes but with light, floaty fabrics which looked beautiful when the models walked. The headwear that complemented the collection was also quite cool - these visor-like sunglasses stood out - providing a futuristic, space-age aesthetic.

IVANA PILJA worked to confuse and confound the audiences' visions with these optical illusions - as you can see the tension between colour bloc and striking patterns in the monochrome created of quite interesting visual effect. Her work was definitely the more daring of the designers, espousing Gaga-esque vibes and championing avant garde.

I was also able to attend the MARKO MITANOVSKI show - which I was absolutely in love with. Unfortunately as you can probably tell, my photos do not do justice to any of the designers at all! MARKO MITANOVSKI makes me think of McQueen - powerful sculpting of the female form whilst bringing a savagery into the clothes. I loved the headpieces which were fierce but also somewhat delicate and regal.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Say "Las Vegas" and I think thigh-high boots and slick leather, glitter and sequins, and glamour and dynamism. It's a city bustling with showbiz, adventure and rebellion against self-restraint - offering variety and excitement at every corner. I've always wanted to visit, and spend some time gloriously witnessing the sights of the Grand Canyon and being overwhelmed by the diversity of Vegas!

In this outfit, I give my take on the edgy metropolis side of Vegas - encapsulated so well by ARIA in the city centre (see images above and below). Vegas is known for their hotels, and there is something for everyone from CAESAR'S PALACE to EXCALIBUR - encompassing amazing larger-than-life themes and incredible architectural designs. I love the quirkiness of each one, and I'm dying to try them all! I was particularly drawn to ARIA for its sleek, modern design, whilst still being very Vegas!

ARIA boasts a futuristic, chic and luxurious vibe, complete with three eclipse-shaped pools, with a notable cocktail bar (Alibi), Shio salt room in their spa, Japanese Ganbanyoku heated stone beds and an impressive art collection. It wouldn't be a Vegas hotel without a casino - and ARIA doesn't dare disappoint, as it proudly houses150,000 square feet of gaming. Also, big win for anti-smoking rooms, 98% of its rooms are non-smoking! Massive bonus for people who are particularly sensitive to leftover tobacco fumes and families looking for a healthier stay, ARIA looks like a good bet too.

jacket VINTAGE
dress ZARA

photography (excluding hotel images)



I had the pleasure of attending OMAR MANSOOR's LFW show to which I was kindly and personally invited. It was refreshing to see how fashion designs can also attempt to replicate narratives from the realms of history, as well as reintroduce artistic symbols from the past. In OMAR MANSOOR's most recent SS16 collection, he captures the nostalgia for fine, high quality Russian design through exploring the recesses of its tumultuous past, but also the idealism during the height of its transition. Interestingly, he also then presents a hopeful message for its post-Revolution future.

Entitled IMPERIAL ROMANCE, the collection takes you through pre, during and post-Revolution periods. Faberge egg motifs draw allusions to the affluent grandeur of the pre-Revolutionary Tsarist autocracy of Russia, the military insignia and caps bring in visions of the Revolution, and then beautifully crafted white and silk gold flowers act as a reminder of the peace achieved post-Revolution.

photos courtesy of VOGUE
Sunday, October 25, 2015


Sadly, I've never really been a fit person. Stereotypical high school situation: netball class - picked last every single time! Basically, I wouldn't blame any of my friends for making the decisions they made in overlooking my "athletic abilities" - footballs, netballs, and rounder balls - all appeared to be magnetically attracted to my face... not ideal! But, it's never too late to pick up sports and activities to introduce a bit more balance in one's life - the hours I've been working (as a professional in training) have been quite tiring at times, so it's really important to refresh my mind and body with a few sessions at the gym!

From that though, I've started to develop an appreciation for matching my gym wardrobe with my daily wear. One thing I quite like is the sports trend, and I had a go mixing it up with these D&G heels. I paired this FOREVER XXI neon pink crop top and BERSHKA sweatpants to play with clashing tones. 

shoes D&G
sweatpants BERSHKA



Sunday, October 18, 2015


All the leaves are brown... and the sky is grey... Seriously though, although I'm lamenting the end of summer, I am just taken by the beautiful yellow colours surrounding me in the beauty of Regent's Park in London. I love the golden leaves and the gentle, cool breeze - a recommended walk if you happen to be popping by the city. They have a stunning rose garden and gorgeous architectural details in fountains and statues reminiscent of Renaissance Europe and antiquity.

One thing I am looking forward to is swapping sandals for winter boots, like this gorgeous pair from STUART WEITZMAN. I like pairing camel tones with black, hence why I've brought together this combo of a MONKI jacket and ALL SAINTS dress. The MONKI jacket is light enough for a comfortable stroll and does the job in protecting you from the fall chill. I am obsessed with ALL SAINTS' ability to make gorgeous pieces with intricate ruffles, complementing feminine silhouettes whilst retaining some attitude.

jacket MONKI 



Wednesday, September 23, 2015


As featured in LOOKASTIC. Growing up as a tomboy, I remember my stereotypically tomboyish love of gameboys, dinosaurs and the love of the camouflage print. Destiny's Child's video for Survivor also expanded and lengthened the affair. Camouflage, for me, tends to add a little bit of attitude without any effort at all. This jacket from PRIMARK was a steal at under £20. There's so much utility from this piece, I'll hike, travel around London, and meet friends in it. If it needs a wash, because it's not really a pricey buy, you can just chuck it in the washing machine and voila! To be honest, when it comes to fashion, easy is best for me. I just want to grab and go, and not faff about - this jacket does exactly that.

What I love about camouflage is that you can accent it easily with primary colours, which is what I've tried to do with this look. LONGCHAMP is timeless in its ability to design bags that maintain their fashionable purpose but nonetheless can be used beyond that. I feel like I'm carrying around a cooler version of Mary Poppins' bottomless bag when I've got this baby flung over my shoulders. This red is one of my favourite colours - it just pops out at you!

jacket PRIMARK
backpack LONGCHAMP
leggings ARITZIA



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