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Monday, August 31, 2015


It's time to take things solo... one of my BFFs,  Trinh, with whom I founded TORN + POLISHED, made the courageous decision of following her dreams! She started her own lifestyle and personality blog TRINHOLOGY (which you can find here!). I'm so proud to know this strong and passionate woman with whom I shared the first chapter of this blog - in turn, it was about time I did my own creative "soul searching"... Hence, I've since decided this will be my own personal diary - of my artistic projects, music, musings and experiences.

A lot of this got me thinking - what is the point of this blog? What does the aimless drivel about my various outfits and trips out to some random parts of London actually achieve? Of course, this has always been a creative outlet for me, but I want to do more.

Some of my strengths and greatest assets are sourced from incredible people I know (such as Trinh), in how they've inspired me to push forward and helped me grow and learn. I want to share what I've learnt from them with you. I want to be a little less reserved with what I write; I want to become more open with my opinions about what exactly spurs certain ideas and projects. I'll bring to light the challenges I've faced and the insecurities I've overcome in pursuing these, whilst blindly batting my eyelids despite being "too" petite for the industry, at only 5'3. My self-reflection came with the realisation that I've been so blessed to have been given the opportunities to work with some amazing brands, designers and artists, who truly believed in me. We've seen our work featured in various magazines that were, from first glance, reserved for the more traditional model. I feel that now's the time for more dialogue and engagement in the fashion community, to really be a part of it rather than just a consumer and/or an audience member.

Although this post marks a bittersweet transition for TORN + POLISHED as I take things further, by myself, I am by no means alone. Thank you to all the kindhearted collaborators and the beautiful people I've met who have consistently supported both Trinh and me in our aspirations to create, share and engage. I look forward to seeing the future posts we create together!



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