Monday, November 2, 2015


I had the pleasure of attending OMAR MANSOOR's LFW show to which I was kindly and personally invited. It was refreshing to see how fashion designs can also attempt to replicate narratives from the realms of history, as well as reintroduce artistic symbols from the past. In OMAR MANSOOR's most recent SS16 collection, he captures the nostalgia for fine, high quality Russian design through exploring the recesses of its tumultuous past, but also the idealism during the height of its transition. Interestingly, he also then presents a hopeful message for its post-Revolution future.

Entitled IMPERIAL ROMANCE, the collection takes you through pre, during and post-Revolution periods. Faberge egg motifs draw allusions to the affluent grandeur of the pre-Revolutionary Tsarist autocracy of Russia, the military insignia and caps bring in visions of the Revolution, and then beautifully crafted white and silk gold flowers act as a reminder of the peace achieved post-Revolution.

photos courtesy of VOGUE
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