Thursday, November 5, 2015


Every time I get the opportunity to attend LFW, I feel like constantly pinching myself as if it's some sort of bizarre dream. I feel so blessed to be invited for the opportunity to awe my eyes with the bold, the new and the groundbreaking. It was a wonderful opportunity to see what is coming up in the fashion stakes in terms of new designers, ideas and trends. In particular, I loved the SS16 BELGRADE FASHION WEEK SHOWCASE - I was blown away by the vividness of GEORGE STYLER's pieces which evoked Frida Kahlo meets Marie Antoinette-esque aesthetics and a bounty of colours to dazzle the eyes (such as above and below). I loved the creative use of glittery makeup - when the models walked down the catwalk, it was mesmerising! 

ANA LJUBINKOVI also stood out for me (see below) - her use of rural motifs and strong, striking metallic pieces mixed in a harmonious, yet coordinated clash once all the components came together. ANA LJUBINKOVI's work never fails to inspire me, especially as although the details are so fine, she still manages to bring out her best silhouettes game. 

On the more minimal side, I quite like BUDISLAVA's work - relatively sharp shapes but with light, floaty fabrics which looked beautiful when the models walked. The headwear that complemented the collection was also quite cool - these visor-like sunglasses stood out - providing a futuristic, space-age aesthetic.

IVANA PILJA worked to confuse and confound the audiences' visions with these optical illusions - as you can see the tension between colour bloc and striking patterns in the monochrome created of quite interesting visual effect. Her work was definitely the more daring of the designers, espousing Gaga-esque vibes and championing avant garde.

I was also able to attend the MARKO MITANOVSKI show - which I was absolutely in love with. Unfortunately as you can probably tell, my photos do not do justice to any of the designers at all! MARKO MITANOVSKI makes me think of McQueen - powerful sculpting of the female form whilst bringing a savagery into the clothes. I loved the headpieces which were fierce but also somewhat delicate and regal.

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