Sunday, November 30, 2014


In this shoot, we played with the concept of the MAYBE by Catalfo girl. She's fun, confident and easygoing, and she isn't afraid to express herself. We took inspiration from each of our respective inner children, making use of an enchanted forest atmosphere, the sort of playfulness girls espouse at a young age. Hence, the title "MEET ME AT RECESS". 

It was incredible working with Gillian Gillespie on this shoot. She's an amazing wedding photographer, precisely because she's such a story teller at heart. Not only is she in the moment when shooting, she'll play the role of catalyst, bringing out the best in her subjects through her sweet natured attitude. 

The hairstyles and makeup by the incredibly talented Vanessa Baudner brought our characters to life: two young, carefree girls looking for adventure. 

Then you had the thrilling smoke bombs going off left-right-and-centre. They created a beautiful dreamy effect, alluding to fairytales and transformation. Ultimately, it sort of makes us think about the transformation women make themselves when discovering to know their innermost dreams and selves. 

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  1. Amazing post! I love the pics, the back of the blue dress is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Genevieve, It definitely is our favorite one as well!


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